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Potentiometer Example: XBee Wi-Fi


When it comes to analog input, it doesn’t get any easier than a basic potentiometer. Potentiometers can be used for setting a level, determining an angle or just as a simple user interface adjustment.

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Push Button Example: XBee Wi-Fi


A button or “momentary switch” is perfect for projects that require user input, or anyplace you need to detect a change in device state. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through wiring up a simple button to your XBee Wi-Fi so that its current state can be seen in a online application from anywhere in the world.

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LED Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Making an LED illuminate is one of the first things many people do when they start learning electronics. We’re putting a wireless spin on that achievement by hooking up an LED to be controlled from the web.

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Light Sensor Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Use a photocell light sensor with the XBee Wi-Fi to sense and take action based on the amount of light that falls on the sensor.

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Temperature Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Measuring temperature is a popular way to get started with analog sensing. This example uses the TMP36 low-voltage linear sensor that is included in the XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit.

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