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Low-Voltage Detection Example

In this post we’ll show you how to use the Low Voltage Detection (LVD) feature of the Programmable XBee to print a message when a minimum voltage is reached on the module’s power pins. This is useful in battery-powered applications to generate …

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Current Sensor: INA209

In this post we show you how to use a XBee S2B ZB module with a current shunt monitor chip (INA209) from Texas Instruments. The INA209 chip is a high-side current shunt and power monitor with an I2C interface. The …

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Using Programmable XBee in DIO

In this post, we are going to change the XBee module included in the XBee Digital I/O Adapter (DIO) for a Programmable XBee, then install the example Programmable DIO code. If you have Digi’s Programmable XBee SDK, you’ll already have an …

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Connecting a Capacitive Touch Keypad to the Programmable XBee

XBee Programmable MPR121

In this post we are going to show you how to connect a capacitive touch keypad to your Programmable XBee module. If you got the Programmable XBee SDK created by Digi, you already have an example of how this set …

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Graphic Display Connected to the Programmable XBee


The sample is not supported in standard 32 Kbytes flash memory modules. To run this sample you need a S2B or S2C module with 128 KBytes of flash memory. This 128K module variant is not yet released. In this post we will …

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Programmable XBee Playing ‘The Imperial March’ Using a Buzzer


In this example we show you how to play a tune using a buzzer and the PWM interface of the Digi Programmable XBee module. Here a video with the result: Here is the source code used to create the example. For this …

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Connect a Character LCD to a Programmable XBee

CharLCD connected to Programmable XBee

In this example, we will look at how to use the Programmable XBee module to control a character LCD. This example demonstrates how to create different actions with a character LCD based on the HD44780, KS0066U or equivalent display controller. The purpose …

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S2B Programmable XBee Adaptor Board


In a previous post we talked about using an S2C XBee intermediate board to isolate any pin from the S2C module using jumpers, for creating your prototypes in an easy way. If you are using a Programmable XBee kit for …

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S2C Programmable XBee Adaptor Board


XBee modules from Digi International come in two different mounting types: S2B module (Through Hole Technology) and S2C (Surface Mount Technology). If you buy the Programmable XBee S2C kit (XK2-Z7SB0) you will receive a Programmable XBee S2C module (SMD module) and a …

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