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Internet of Snacks


In this workshop you will simulate our “Connected Vending Machine” that automatically reports its condition to Salesforce via Device Cloud by Etherios. In Salesforce we will transform that data into actionable intelligence by integrating with Cases and Chatter on the Salesforce platform using The Social Machine® by Etherios.

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Potentiometer Example: XBee Wi-Fi


When it comes to analog input, it doesn’t get any easier than a basic potentiometer. Potentiometers can be used for setting a level, determining an angle or just as a simple user interface adjustment.

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Push Button Example: XBee Wi-Fi


A button or “momentary switch” is perfect for projects that require user input, or anyplace you need to detect a change in device state. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through wiring up a simple button to your XBee Wi-Fi so that its current state can be seen in a online application from anywhere in the world.

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LED Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Making an LED illuminate is one of the first things many people do when they start learning electronics. We’re putting a wireless spin on that achievement by hooking up an LED to be controlled from the web.

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Light Sensor Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Use a photocell light sensor with the XBee Wi-Fi to sense and take action based on the amount of light that falls on the sensor.

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Temperature Example: XBee Wi-Fi


Measuring temperature is a popular way to get started with analog sensing. This example uses the TMP36 low-voltage linear sensor that is included in the XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit.

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Cymbal Monkey


Need your alerts noticed? How about a crash of cymbals followed by the insistent screeching of an agitated ape? It will certainly catch attention faster than a softly blinking light. Here’s how to make an incomparable wireless alarm by triggering a clamorous cymbal monkey via an XBee radio.

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7-Segment Number Display


Number communicate clearly. With a simple 7-segment numeric display you can show how many, how much, which one or when with precision. It’s a snap to display numbers wirelessly with an XBee radio.

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XBee Scent Generator


What does information smell like? Now you can savor the bouquet of your data with an XBee Scent Generator. We show how to connect easily connect a battery-powered air freshener to the wireless web, using an XBee radio.

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LCD Text Display


Words are how humans communicate. An inexpensive LCD text display can be the most economical way to make your project talk to people, and it’s easy to make a wireless one with an XBee radio.

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